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Guess my type!

I might be a little difficult to type. Consider this a challenge for you. I've asked some friends my type, and they weren't easily able to guess. Maybe some of you will get it right away...I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. Let's see if you can guess!! :)

First off, let me say that I am extremely intellectual, but I don’t at all come off as the intellectual type. I dress and look edgy, you could even say ‘intimidating’. I like to come off as more domineering than submissive anyway. I LOVE the surreal, the occult, anything strange...anything borderline risky/crazy. I like Angelina Jolie’s personality -- she’s the kind of person who comes off as strong and intense, like I am. I have a guard up when it comes to true intimacy, yet I have no problems flitting from person to person and having idle conversations, and speaking to people in social circumstances. I frequently guide others, become the leader when I feel it’s right; but if someone I don’t absolutely like 100% or feel intuitively comfortable with tries to know me on a deeper level, I completely feel cold and want to back out. I’ll act aloof and maybe ignore them. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting to know people casually, having a large amount of acquaintances. I just have intimacy issues. I want respect and admiration, not deep and close personal relationships. I want EVERYONE to know me, but not know too much of the ‘real me’! Haha. I’m a contradictory person. I want to be seen as talented, a person you’d want to be like, without having to share my personal dreams, likes, or history.


I have huge dreams and goals. Sometimes I don’t go through with every single thing I start, but in my defense, I overload myself with a ton of personal projects. I value my own system above the system of society; I value my own talents and abilities over what something/someone else could teach you, like the school system. I get more excited about making plans rather than being in the present. I am always in my head, a little bit scattered. I probably have a minor case of ADD and hyperactivity. My thoughts are always racing, and these racing thoughts constitute my artistic bank. I am an artist and a writer. I might come off as detached or arrogant to some people, though I’m pretty much personable, and witty. I can just be a little tough when it comes to criticism, because I don’t feel bad giving it. If you cross me, look out. Yet I’m empathetic to the struggles of others. I root for the underdog, I’ve been there. I root for people who are going through bad times, and I am almost always fair. I’m not gushy or overemotional, and I can’t like people who become so emotional that they’re loose cannons or completely unreasonable.

I rarely feel guilty about decisions I make or what I do or say. I’m mostly self-assured and very independent. When it comes to love, I am extremely logical. I can’t just ‘feel’ it, in fact that makes me annoyed...I don’t want to be head over heels, I don’t want a flamboyant fantasy come to life. I scorn people who actually believe in that -- I’m self-made and don’t need someone to care about me to feel good. If someone I can tolerate happens to like me, then so be it; I’ll be with them, maybe. But I’m kind of elusive when it comes to romance anyway, I play hard to get (and I just like doing things on the surface, as aforementioned). I like to have challenging conversations with people, but I don’t like it when people have shallow conversations with me, I get bored very quickly. I can sometimes become too immersed in my fantasies, and my idealism can be a double-edged sword. It’s made me want to make the world a great place, share my words and visions with others, help other people, yet it’s made me unhappy with my own insufficiency in some areas both internal and external, and it’s made me manically impatient with wanting to be successful.

I like to take walks by myself, and take time to think about things alone. I love to paint. I love to give others advice when it isn’t for a superficial issue. My mind is always going...and my family jokes around by calling me ‘the Brain’, because as a kid I was also very gifted like I am now, and I’ve always acted like an adult. I’m extremely introspective and insightful yet I can be pretty impulsive and adventure/thrill-seeking when I feel I’ve got nothing to lose, and I feel bored with average life. I can basically be two-sided, as you can see from my personal description. One side that desires respect, acclaim, tenure, fame, one with ambition and intelligence; and the other that is a little too rebellious, abstract, unyielding, detached, edgy, impatient, risk-taking.

I’m almost too contradictory. I should have been a gemini, not a libra, I’ve always thought, because I literally have a darker side. (I know, I know. Talk about a cliche...) Although I am very gifted and intelligent, I do not have average dreams and don’t feel humble or look humbled -- I do not act like other people...and I like that. I want to be fair, yet my emotional side makes me very vengeful and and easily able to hold grudges at the same time.

So, do you think you have a type for me in mind? I'd love to see what people can come up with! Thanks! :)


Aug. 25th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
Well Angie's an INFJ, 1
but your Extroversion comes out pretty loud in the first paragraph, and Thinking in the 3rd
ENTP for Myer's-Briggs

8 for your self-assuredness, w7 perhaps


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