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guess_my_type's Journal

Guess my MBTI/Enneagram type
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This is a fun community where we guess each other's personality type.

Instructions and guidelines:

* Post a description of yourself (pictures are welcome but not required) and other community members will guess your temperament type (SJ/NF/SP/NT) and your MBTI/enneagram type.

* 2 weeks after posting, please reveal your type in a new post behind a cut (so others can still guess) and link to your original post.) Please don't reveal your type when replying to comments in your introductory guess my type post, as it will allow other people to continue to guess your type later.

* Posting descriptions of your family members, friends, significant others and anyone else in your life is also welcome.

* No flaming please. Be respectful of each other.

* This community is mainly geared towards those who already know their type. However you are welcome to post here if you're still in the discovery phase and would like some feedback from this community.

* have fun