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Ty y'all!!! :D I think I kind of figured it out....I'm an
IS/NT/sometimes F/P   (The main reason i'm sensitive is because I think way too much into things, and I never judge people.)
So that's the closest......Last year I was an ENFP, which I still could be at times if I feel like it, but not usually that was when I answered the test as "How I would love to be all of the time" LOL! xD.   There are actually a few places (Camp, even during my first year when I didn't know anyone, and alone with my friends were....as I said I can act very extroverted, but mainly because those are places were I feel comfortable :))
I was reading the personality tests, and y'all were right there are a couple that fit me! So I think the best thing to do in my case....would be say i'm a combo! :)

Well, that's the closest that sounds like me, i'm seriously a mix :'P Lol. So I guess I was really hard, sorry about that! ;)  But thanks!!!! :D

I looked up INFJ...that's not me at all :'P lol

March 14, 2011, and I haven't slept!

I've become VERY interested in MBTI and I pride myself on typing people with just a few questions. When I first got into typing, I thought back on my friends and decided to type them all.

I have a strong feeling this will be a fairly easy typing for you people, because I am SO VERY MUCH what I am.

My best friends from high school are all ENFJs and ENFPs.
My best friends I've made in college are all ENFPs. What can I say? I'm not one, but I love 'em!

However, I find myself gravitating towards I--J types. I love INTJS to death. My good INTJ friend and I frequently sit around and plot (not so) evil things together.

This all sounds very ENFP to me...Collapse )

Reveal post

You can see my original post here.

I am a really strong ENTJ.

Thanks all for commenting and congrats to the one that guessed it right.

Analize me, please.

Hello everyone.
My name is Iratxe. I am a 29 years old female from Spain. I am an only child and I was always a good student. I studied computer science when I was 19 years old and worked as an IT for 6 years at CERN. Right now I am in college again, studying to be a nurse. My favourite subject is genetics and cellular biology and my least favourite one is history of nursing. I really like languages and I am good at them. Spanish is my mother language and I speak fluent English, German, Catalonian and Basque. I lived for a year in Germany after my IT contract expired and before joining college. In my class, I was elected head of students and I love being the link between the teachers and my colleagues. The rest of the students tend to come to me for advice and I think this is partly because of my age and also because I am actively asking questions to the teachers in class. I must also admit that other people see me as their leader without me wanting to be one. Sometimes I hate it but most of the times I feel flattered by the followers.

In my free time I really enjoy reading. I love my books. I also like buying and reviewing make-up and cosmetics, but I do not like going shopping for clothes, as crowds make me angry. I like being alone but I also enjoy a party from time to time. I tend to get stressed when I am too long around people and need to be on my own for a while. The days I feel like partying I like being the center of attention though.

My sense of humour is dark and sarcastic (but I also laugh at myself A LOT) and I tend to be overly honest in my opinions. I am fast at saying what I believe in or what I think about any subject given. I am prone to arguing with people and can be a bit intolerant. On the other hand, I am not prone to holding grudges and I easily forget after I get offended. I am not good at team work because I get very easily frustrated at people who are slower than me and I always end up doing all the job myself: my moto is: if something is wrong at least it must be my own fault and not someone elses inhability to do things right!
I am ambitious and If I can score perfect in an examn I will not be happy with a nearly pefect grade, which pisses my family a LOT. I also get angry if I am not the best in class or in my job. I am as demanding to others as I am to myself. I expect only the best from others after I asked the best from myself first.

I have a pretty high IQ and I am very organized; I like having an agenda and a planner around me at all times. My room is clean and neat at all times. I am always on time or even early. I am goot at using a map and when I travel I always make plans ahead of time and look at the route or public transportation online before I head off for my goal.

I must admit sometimes I am a bit lazy and I take naps on weekends but most of the times I feel guilty afterwards, because I feel like I am wasting my time. I am a morning person: I rather wake ap at 6 a.m. to study and have the afternoon free to do whatever I want like watching films or blog online than sleeping until late.

I do not like sports but I cant sit still for too long, I am always doing something with my hands or legs. I am not good at art: I cant sing or dance, but I do appreciate it when others are artistic. I like music and going to concerts, especially extreme metal.

I like animals, I am a practicing catholic and I suffered from bulimia and BPD for years. Both are now cured and do not affect my personality traits anymore.

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So, what am I?

Clearly, she's a...

I’m a 17-year-old Caucasian female, and a high school senior. I’m a classically trained mezzo-soprano and I also play violin. I’m left-handed. I don’t drink alcohol or use any other drugs, but I smoke cannabis. I was born on the first decan of Aquarius. I think astrology is bullshit but I’ve read about it anyway. I love perusing the local metaphysical bookstore. I understand the purpose religion serves society, but I don’t understand why society needs religion to fill that purpose, because I don’t need it. I was raised Jewish but I feel like I was born Agnostic. I “came out” to my family as agnostic when I was 13 or 14. I’m not sure of my sexual orientation, but right now I’d say I’m asexual. Sex is another thing that I understand the purpose of but I can’t figure out how it fits into my life.
I love reading self-help books and books about theoretical physics. I’ll read pretty much anything actually, but I prefer nonfiction or realistic fiction to fantasy.
My favorite classes that I’m taking now are AP Calculus and AP literature. I love learning new concepts, analyzing literature, and sharing my ideas.
I’m a beast at taking standardized tests but a slacker in school assignments. My SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, and AP exam scores portray my intelligence much more favorably than my grades do. I’m a 2011 national merit semifinalist, but my unweighted GPA is under 3.5. I’m always starting things but I have a hard time following through on them. I never get anything completed. I don’t plan; I just do. I don’t worry think about or dwell on mistakes in the past or present. I’m always looking toward the future.
People are so amusing/entertaining, but I don’t relate to most of them. I feel like I have many characteristics common to people with autism spectrum disorders, but not to the extent to warrant a diagnosis. I don’t like parties or large crowds such as sporting events or concerts. They’re overwhelming and over-stimulating to the point of being stressful. I prefer conversing with smaller groups of people. I love talking about my ideas and subjects that interest me but I find discussions about feelings or relationships to be trivial and overly sentimental. I don’t waste time or energy arguing with anyone. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind about anything and it isn’t my place to do that anyway.
I love MBTI because I’m an almost perfect prototype of my type. I don’t know anyone in real life who is confirmed to share my type, although I have suspicions about a few people. Neither of my parents have my type, but my dad and I think that my late paternal grandfather probably had my type.

So, what am I?

I posted here several years ago, but I’ve been through a number of changes since then and thought I’d give it another go. Sorry for the length. Don’t look at my profile.

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mbti has been resurrected!


I noticed that the former mbti community had been deleted and purged, so I decided to resurrect it. Unfortunately this doesn't preserve membership information, so if you were a member of it before and would like to be a member of the new one, you'll have to actually go and join the new one.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could join and spread the word to other MBTI communities you belong to... and hopefully we can get some discussion going again!