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Guess My Type.

First things first - if you actually want to do this, please do NOT go to my user-info!

I am 26 years old, female. I am an aspiring author and musician. Naturally, I'm a very imaginative person; the world of the mind and spirit are everything to me. I find it easier to express my true thoughts through writing and music than through the spoken word. I often feel ecstatic over how small and insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things and how, simultaneously, I get to experience being part of the vastness of creation and channel that through my art and through my identity.

I am soft-spoken and some call me "dark" and "mysterious". Part of me grins and takes these as compliments, but a bigger part of me secretly just wants to be understood and seen as a kindred spirit rather than a strange novelty for once!

I consider myself a very spiritual person, though I do not ascribe to any traditional religion. I am inspired by everything. I love to learn and read, I love helping people and hearing new points of view, and I love being in nature - these are the things I feel help me the most in synthesizing my understanding of the world and the human mind, and, in turn, my art. I often feel like my inner world and the things it spawns are both very serious and meaningful and very silly, random, and childlike at the same time.

I love meeting new people and I love having real conversations with people, but others find I'm very slow to reveal myself and I prefer to do this on my own terms. I can't stand insincerity or interactions that seem forced or awkward. I open up either instantaneously or glacially; there is no in-between, and it depends a lot on the vibe I get from the person. I am easily put-off by people who are unapologetically rude or gauche, and I am easily hurt by those who try to doubt, second-guess, and argue with me and my experiences for the sheer sake of it. I strongly dislike others trying to tell me what I'm about, even though I am constantly analyzing and speculating on others' hidden feelings and motives. I could be considered a very suspicious and critical person, but I am deeply loyal to those I feel understand me. I think about my friends almost constantly - if I see something I think one of them will like, I will at least take a photo of it for them; if it is something that can be bought, I will buy it for them without hesitation if I have the means. I sometimes feel that I experience other peoples' pain and issues first-hand and I sometimes have to put up a wall between myself and people who are too clingy or negative, but I always feel guilty about doing this.

My outer world must be a reflection of my inner visions at all times. I love decorating and dressing to express the various facets of my internal psychic landscapes. I like to cook and be creative with food, but I find I am better at this if I am cooking for someone other than myself.

I tend to prefer art and music that is primal, dark, and surreal, often with a mythical or psychedelic component; I absolutely love extreme metal, but I also really like very poetic, singer-songwriter type stuff. The music I create myself falls into the latter category. I like reading about secret societies, classical psychology, and the occult. I love supernatural fiction and magical realism, and also classic literature.

A lot of people consider me very sophisticated and classy for my age in my dress sense, world view, tastes, and how I carry myself. I have been called an "old soul".

I feel most productive when I have helped someone in some way, particularly with a relationship. It's very easy for me to see resolutions to conflicts, and I get frustrated when people cannot accept them and allow their personal judgments to cloud the path to harmony.

And now, my photo.


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Dec. 8th, 2012 08:15 pm (UTC)
ENFP definitely 4w5
Oct. 27th, 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
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