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Guess my MBTI?

I'm only 14 but I've been interested in MBTI since I was 10 because of this Harry Potter what character are you quiz that was based on the MBTI. I thought it was pretty cool so I started searching up posts on MBTI which I found extremely interesting. My first result was ISTJ but then later on, I felt like it didn't fit. I've been every single MBTI type and I'm not sure what I am. I think my MBTI type will be way more accurate now since I'm now 14 and more mature.

Well I've had honors classes all three years and I'm a As+Bs student. Something that really bewilders me is how everyone thinks I'm really smart and have straight A's. I honestly have no idea how someone could think that because I have so many my-hair's-so-black-it's-blonde moments that it's kinda worrying lol.  I'm somewhat ditzy sometimes, I'll be the first to admit it. 

I'm really weird, I think, everyone tells me that at least but not in an insulting way. It's not uncommon for me to be called, "weird in a good way," or, "the strangest person I have ever met but lovable." I actually have no idea what makes me so weird. Seriously. Everyone also says I'm cool though. "Weird but cool," that's what everyone thinks about me. 

So well, I don't know what to say or where to start. I guess my goals in life. I want to remembered by the world forever and I want to be admired. I've always wanted to be famous. To have fans, to be loved by strangers, to be noticed. Mostly because I feel like nobody notices me and I feel sub-par all the time. I want to prove to everyone that I'm not trash, and that you can't treat me like that. I want everyone to realize that I'm so better than they could have imagined. 

My favorite characteristic of myself is my emotionalism. I don't have any problems with sharing or talking about my feelings or other people's feelings. I love making people feel good about themselves. It's so satisfying and I genuinely always do care. I've never lied about what I feel and I can see the good in everyone. Though the only bad thing I do  regarding feelings is being pushy. I am a pushy person. I talk about my feelings(a lot) and I expect a reaction or a reply. When I don't get one, I feel frustrated so I talk about my feelings even more and I exaggerate. After a while, when I don't get a reaction or reply, I get hysterical. I know I shouldn't but I really hate it when people dismiss my feelings so easily because they're really important to me. I think I'm coming off really pretentious now so sorry if I am, I have so many flaws too. I'm pushy, easily confused, a perfectionist(which is both good and bad), and I can be really mean when I feel like I've been wronged. I love getting my way which could be both a good or bad thing. I'm determined and ambitious and I've always been like that.  

I hate it when people don't care for others at all. In our world, we all need more love in our hearts and more compassion towards our fellow humans. We need to stop caring so much about ourselves and money, which to me, is definitely the root of all evil. Now I don't hate money or wealthy people. That's stereotyping but I think people need to start caring about how others are doing. The reasons that there are so many divorces today are, to me, that very few people truly understand and appreciate love, and that people don't want to listen to a point of view different from their own. Love is not infatuation, love is not sex. I don't like sharing my opinions though because I don't want to force them down others throats.

I love fashion, and I love shopping. I love making art and creating beautiful items. It makes you feel so proud of myself. We shouldn't overlook the small things that make life so fun and amazing like balloons, fairs,  ice cream, and stuffed animals. I believe stuffed animals will always make you feel better at any age. Music is my love. It's amazing and I adore Madonna for being such an amazing, influential icon. That's all me, bye. Have a good day. :)


Nov. 26th, 2012 10:14 pm (UTC)
NerdyCool4EVAH (I was very young when I made an account)
I think Fi combined with Te might come off as Fe.


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