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Guess My Type.

First things first - if you actually want to do this, please do NOT go to my user-info!
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Guess my MBTI?

I'm only 14 but I've been interested in MBTI since I was 10 because of this Harry Potter what character are you quiz that was based on the MBTI. I thought it was pretty cool so I started searching up posts on MBTI which I found extremely interesting. My first result was ISTJ but then later on, I felt like it didn't fit. I've been every single MBTI type and I'm not sure what I am. I think my MBTI type will be way more accurate now since I'm now 14 and more mature.

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My type, revealed :)

Thanks to all who took time to comment, and guess my type! Here is the original entry (from quite a while ago, my bad!). My type and infobelow the cutCollapse )

Guess my type!

I might be a little difficult to type. Consider this a challenge for you. I've asked some friends my type, and they weren't easily able to guess. Maybe some of you will get it right away...I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. Let's see if you can guess!! :)

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Type Me!

Watch the video and figure out my type :)
 Hi, this type question is for a friend. Here goes:

He's quiet, but not shy. He won't be the one to make all the jokes or to bring people together for a social activity, but he'll usually participate. He's always tag along and try to fit into the group. I'm his closest friend, but he doesn't really confide in me-- I sort of take care of him. 

He comes from a broken family but he doesn't feel sorry for himself or really talk about it. I don't ask about it, but sometimes he gets very sad. At these times, I sit with him and maybe hug him, but we don't talk much. He misses his mom a lot, but he hasn't seen her since he was six or seven. He's been on his own since he was maybe thirteen, but still doesn't seem that good at taking care of himself. I have to make sure he's safe, stick up for him, defend him, etc. He's kind of vulnerable, but doesn't try to come off that way.

He sometimes makes impulsive decisions. I've very rarely heard him think anything through, or plan ahead. He just decides to do something and does it, and stops doing it when he feels like it. I don't think he even knows where he's going to be six months from now.

I can't decide whether he's sensitive or not. He won't eat meat because he can't stomach the thought of eating animals, and sometimes cries when he's upset, but doesn't talk about his feelings or anything. He's smokes, does some drugs and takes some risks, but it doesn't seem like he does it to be cool. I feel like he doesn't even notice or care about the risks. There are not many things in the world he really cares about. For example, I can't think of a single song or movie he's ever said he liked. Mostly, he'd like to have his family back and be taken care of. 

When he's in a good mood, he likes to play along with people's jokes. He likes to watch TV, no particular show, but mostly comedy. He likes to laugh, and is a nice guy to talk to, because he'll never interrupt. 

Hopefully, you guys can make something of this.


One day early, but who cares.

Call me ENTP, and very much T. It's interesting that everyone saw F instead. Incorrect.

o hai

Just another intro, y'all.

I don't really know what to put here and kinna wish there were some sort of guideline for me to follow because otherwise I'm just going to ramble and probably not make any sense. But then that's probably me in a nutshell.
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